What was happening in the Suez Canal

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Inspired by this tweet:

(It's a joke please don't sue(z) me)

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Why did it happen?

How is it going?

Picture of teeny tiny excavator doing its best to drag sand away from the hull of the boat

I ran out of elements but Greta Thunberg made a meme out of this picture

It moved like 30° sideways I think, and then now its stern has moved away from the sand. Here's the view from an Airbus-built Pléiades statellite.

How you can help:

  • Change your pfp to a blue wave

  • Send WD40 to your nearest boat company

  • Collect water to raise canal sea level and help the boat float

Here's how we'll use your WD40

Sky view of the boat with two WD40 cans pointing at each sides

Other solutions to consider:

Good News: Our Children Have Some Terrific Ideas for How to Get the Big Ol’ Boat Unstuck From the Suez Canal

YEET the other boats:

If you want to know more about the situation, here's what you can read/listen to:

It seems like it's become a trend now

Evergreen container truck stuck in the middle of the highway in China

I would not want to be the Evergreen CEO today

Steal his look - Cargo ship blocking the Suez Canal, followed by a vest, pants and adhesive in the same color scheme as the boat

They had seen it coming

Wanderer above a sea of clouds but the clouds are the Ever Given ship

Painting is Wanderer above a Sea of Clouds by Caspar David Friedrich (1818)

And remember, like my friend said: